The Truth about Friendship

Yewande Ade
2 min readMay 30, 2020
Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

Friendship is beautiful and it is great to have genuine people that you can share life moments with and also confide in. After all, no man is an Island.

There are friends who endure the long term tests of true friendship. This group of friends are those who love, support and want the best for one another.

However, not every friendship can stand the test of time.

Sometimes, we could mistake acquaintances for friends and get hurt if they do not meet our expectations of true friendship.

The truth is, friendship could mean different things to different people.

While some people can build friendship with almost anyone, some others prefer to have a singular friend or a close-knit circle. There are also possessive friends who do not want to share their friends with anyone else, while others are free minded individuals who place no limit on friendship.

Some friends will outrightly criticize your actions. In determining whether their criticism is in your best interest or not, it is good to discern if it comes from a place of genuine concern or otherwise. After all, everyone needs someone to check their excesses once in a while.

There are those friends who only remember you when they need something that you can offer. This friendship is often initiated based on class interests, for societal relevance, academic interests, financial help,etc

Some people choose their friends, while others are the chosen friends. In certain cases, circumstance could be a determining factor for friendships. People may become friends due to physical proximity, shared location, combined activities, working together, etc

There are friends who accept each other and can cope with their differences. Some extroverts are known to have introverted friends, while an extravagant person may enjoy the friendship of another who is frugal.

Sadly, there are certain friendships which have ended due to mistrust, jealousy, malice, unforgiveness, ego and other reasons which could not be mutually resolved

The boat of friendship could take a while to build and not everyone will instantly become a friend. While some people get comfortable with others quickly, others may require some time before they let their guard down.

There are friendships which are redefined along the way and friends end up becoming acquaintances and vice versa.

I have also learnt that people could have other motives when they come into your life. It could be good or bad.

Just like other relationships, friendship could come with a price.

Are you the friend who sacrifices for your friend(s) or the one at the receiving end? Is your friendship commensurate?

Are you the caller-friend or the text message sender-friend? Or both?

Who are your friends and what kind of friend are you?