The battle between nature and nurture.

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Whenever I see a well-written article, I often wonder how the writer became so good. Quite often, I simply conclude that good writing can be attributed to two things: consistency and natural talent.

The truth is, we’ve all had varying experiences as writers. For some, it’s a perfect flow of ideas and for others, it’s a matter of steady improvement over time.

Now, the question is: What makes a good writer? Is it one who is taught to write or another who was born with a natural talent to do so.

Simply put, are writers born or made?

Writing: A talent or a skill?

The age-old…

There’s more to writing than we know…

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Writing is a process. Good writers don’t sit to write just anything.

It’s an art which involves sharpening one’s mental muscles through creative thinking and in-depth understanding.

Writers think a lot and whether we admit it or not, our lives are an entire thought-process.

This is why a writer’s mind is almost never silent because it is a breeding ground for the creation and formation of ideas.

It is not unusual for writers to question themselves before they start writing.

If you desire a better quality of work and engagement, here are some quick questions to ask yourself before you…

The struggle between perfect or consistent writing.

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The age-old debate of what to pick between quality and quantity has remained a burning issue for years and it continues to be one.

When writing, do you sometimes struggle to make a decision on whether to churn out several consecutive pieces or to simply retreat to collate your next singular piece before releasing it?

This is a reality which most writers face.

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide if one lengthy story is better than 10 noticeably short stories.

The Case for Quality

There are writers who won’t publish anything until they are sure that it is up to standard and qualitative enough to…

Hard truths every writer should know…

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Anyone who thinks writing is easy does not know what truly happens behind the scenes.

The life of a writer may seem blissful, however, no one knows how many road bumps and harsh reality checks are encountered on a daily basis.

Whether as a beginner or an experienced writer, the hard truths about writing are things you have to be prepared for.

If writing is as easy as most people think it is, everyone would be writers!

Writing is a true test of mental strength

Although the list is not exhaustive, here are some…

These guidelines from great writers will help you

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Do you sometimes see great writers and wonder how they became so successful?

For these writers, their success may not only be ascribed to their ability to write, but also to commitment, willingness and dedication towards their craft.

Writers who write every day have daily rituals that work for them. These rituals could range from several unique practices to singular regular habits. For these high achievers, their writing is not tied to any skill or talent, but due to their persistence in the pursuit of greatness.

Here are some timely routines, as…

Because Love isn’t all it takes to make things work

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Most people see love as the most important ingredient in every relationship. There is that assumption that once your partner loves you, you have all you need in a relationship.

While this is not entirely false, it’s also not particularly true.

Knowing that someone loves you is one of the best feelings you can experience.

I believe in love. In fact, I love the whole idea of love and every kind of feeling that comes with it. However, I do not think that love is enough to sustain a relationship because it involves so much more.

Merely saying that you…

It was an unconscionable misuse of power that continued for many years

A nurse attending to patients in a venereal disease rapid treatment center. Source: Researchgate

During World War I, venereal diseases were rampant and often led to the hospitalization of many soldiers. Whilst several efforts were made to protect new army recruits from contracting sexually transmitted infections, the American government created new laws to criminalize prostitution because it felt it was the best way to prevent young soldiers from getting venereal infections.

The government went as far as creating posters that warned men in the armed forces to keep away from civilian women. Various educational measures were also adopted to let the young soldiers know the problems that came with contracting such diseases.

The general…

And what you can do to stop it …

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Relationships are an essential part of life, but people make things complicated.

One of the greatest lessons adulthood has taught me is how to speak up for myself, no matter what. Through this, I have experienced a lot of personal growth, self-development and emotional maturity. It has also helped me relate better with people.

It wasn’t always so easy, but it has shown me the importance of self-worth, self-confidence and everything else that comes with it.

Whether with friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers and in our daily dealings with one another, no one likes to be taken for granted. However…

A marriage rite that involves gaining weight


The fattening practice is prevalent amongst the Efik and Ibibio people of Cross River State, Nigeria. It is otherwise referred to as the 'Mbodi’, an age-old cultural practice that has existed for years.

The practice requires young ladies to be kept and fed for months before they get married. According to this tradition, the lady in question is fed in large amounts before marriage.

“Mbodi is a rite of passage which subjects women of marriageable age to undergo the process of body fattening. In most cases, Mbodi goes with circumcision.” — Ibiene

What is the fattening room process all about?

Before the feeding begins, the girls are put…

Both big and small…

A lot of people do not celebrate their accomplishments for various reasons.

While some people are so worried about their next goal(s) that they do not have time to focus on their present success, others are not comfortable with being in the spotlight and may not want to reveal their great and little wins.

Thus, rather than basking in the euphoria of reaching a milestone, they swiftly move to the next.

There is also a third group of people who have repeatedly recorded astounding success so much that they do not consider it important celebrating anything new.

These are the…

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