Wife selling was once a common practice

Before legal divorce became a regular practice, “wife selling” was a fairly popular way to end a bad marriage during the victorian era. Through public separation, it allowed couples to go their separate ways if they wanted to do so.

This method of separation was mostly used in the rural…

The Legacy of Sarah Saartjie Baartman

Back in the 1800s, Sarah was a Khoisan woman from South African who made headlines when her body was used as a source of entertainment at several exhibition shows in Paris and London.


In 1787, Sarah was born to Khoisan parents and was named Ssehura at birth. As a teenager…

There’s more to writing than we know…

Writing is a process. Good writers don’t sit to write just anything.

It’s an art which involves sharpening one’s mental muscles through creative thinking and in-depth understanding.

Writers think a lot and whether we admit it or not, our lives are an entire thought-process.

This is why a writer’s mind…

It was through the horrifying practice of divorce by combat

Just before the divorce courts were invented and use of witnesses became popular, married couples could settle their disputes by fighting themselves in a marital duel. In a marital duel, both parties engaged in a physical combat with each other through the use of clubs and rocks.

This practice was…

The Wife swapping practice is seen as an act of kindness

The wife swapping tradition has existed for centuries amongst the Ovahimba and Ovazemba tribes of Northern Namibia. It is otherwise known as “Okujepisa omukazendu”, which simply means “offering a wife to a guest.”

According to the demands of this culture, a husband can allow his wife to sleep with any…

Skull elongation was an unusual practice

Cranial deformation is believed to have existed for years and was common amongst certain groups of people. However, archaeologists do not believe that it originated from just one place.

Otherwise known as head shaping, head flattening, head binding or skull elongation, cranial deformation is a form of permanent body alteration…

The women endured severe pain and had no right to question the existing medical practices

Hailed as the “Father of Gynaecology”, James Marion Sims is well known for his eminence in the field of medicine and his useful contributions as a scientist. …

Baby mail was a real thing and it was affordable

When the United States Postal Service introduced the new system of parcel- post in 1913, many Americans took advantage of this great opportunity to gain access to all kinds of goods and services.

As beautiful as this innovation was, it was a welcome relief for many. The commencement of parcel…

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