The struggle between perfect or consistent writing.

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The age-old debate of what to pick between quality and quantity has remained a burning issue for years and it continues to be one.

When writing, do you sometimes struggle to make a decision on whether to churn out several consecutive pieces or to simply retreat to collate your next singular piece before releasing it?

This is a reality which most writers face.

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide if one lengthy story is better than 10 noticeably short stories.

The Case for Quality

There are writers who won’t publish anything until they are sure that it is up to standard and qualitative enough to…

Hard truths every writer should know…

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Anyone who thinks writing is easy does not know what truly happens behind the scenes.

The life of a writer may seem blissful, however, no one knows how many road bumps and harsh reality checks are encountered on a daily basis.

Whether as a beginner or an experienced writer, the hard truths about writing are things you have to be prepared for.

If writing is as easy as most people think it is, everyone would be writers!

Writing is a true test of mental strength

Although the list is not exhaustive, here are some…

These guidelines from great writers will help you

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Do you sometimes see great writers and wonder how they became so successful?

For these writers, their success may not only be ascribed to their ability to write, but also to commitment, willingness and dedication towards their craft.

Writers who write every day have daily rituals that work for them. These rituals could range from several unique practices to singular regular habits. For these high achievers, their writing is not tied to any skill or talent, but due to their persistence in the pursuit of greatness.

Here are some timely routines, as…

Even when it feels like no one is reading …

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Whether we admit it or not, we humans always want validation and appreciation.

The mere fact that someone else loves our work and lets us know is enough reason to make us push harder. Feeling that our work is good enough leaves us wanting more recognition to the extent that we never want compliments to stop coming.

However, what happens when the recognition and growth we crave isn’t forthcoming?

Now imagine this: you have toiled for hours, writing from page to page. Editing, adding, subtracting, reforming and trying to get…

Start by writing what people won’t stop reading…

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There are no strict rules on how to be a successful writer on medium, but one thing is constant; your ability to get noticed is largely dependent on how much effort you put into it.

On Medium, the rules of the game work differently. While some people believe that consistently writing everyday is a must, other writers who are not so consistent still make tonnes of money writing here. The “showing up everyday” mantra does not work the same way for all writers.

There are writers who have written for months without…

It hurt, but came with great life lessons…

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It all started in 2016. I enrolled at the University to pursue a doctoral degree in International law.

Getting a PhD is something which could take a number of years to happen, however, I was expectant and hopeful that it would be a quick one for me. At the time, I really looked forward to having the title 'Dr' added to my name.

Acquiring my Masters Degree (LLM) had been a fantastic experience and I had emerged the best graduating student in my class. …

Here’s how I went about it…

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For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of bucket lists.

The idea of making one on self-improvement was born out of the desire to change certain aspects of my life.

For me, creating a self-improvement bucket list also came with a sense of responsibility and obligation to set goals and meet them. It gave me some sort of push to get things done.

Along with the bucket list came great motivation.

It was one way I could channel energy towards being productive. I also believe it gave me…

Even though they speak a different language…

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Dealing with children between ages 2 to 3 isn’t quite as easy as one would imagine. One minute, things are so rosy and the next, all hell is let loose and your toddler is screaming, whining and yelling at the top of her lungs because you won’t let her remove her clothes in public!

Raising toddlers is a roller coaster of emotions as there are happy days, while some other days are quite tough.

The “toddler-years” are a great time of rapid growth and development for these young humans as they experience noticeable improvement in every area of their lives…

Deal with it and create content like never before

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Burnout is a common reason why most writers are not able to produce top-quality work. It is a plague which slows down the entire writing process. I have been a victim of this and it is as real as it sounds.

Whenever I make a decision to write, I sometimes worry that I may not give my best effort if I am tired, exhausted or bereft of new ideas.

Writing comes with a lot of energy, alertness and active thinking. When you are focused and fully concentrating, your ideas tend to flow faster.

The truth is, most people write better…

The good, the unusual and the unexpected…

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Warren Buffett, otherwise known as “the Oracle of Ohama”, is undoubtedly a force to reckon with and one of the best investors the world has ever known. His brilliant investment strategies and largely known business success stories speak for him.

The wealthy business tycoon and investor with over 60 subsidiary companies to his name, is one of richest men in the world.

In March 2021, Warren was labeled one of the most successful investors in the world and currently has a net worth of over $100 billion.

Despite being all that he is and more, Warren Buffett is known to…

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