The struggle between perfect or consistent writing.

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The age-old debate of what to pick between quality and quantity has remained a burning issue for years and it continues to be one.

When writing, do you sometimes struggle to make a decision on whether to churn out several consecutive pieces or to simply retreat to collate your next singular piece before releasing it?

This is a reality which most writers face.

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide if one lengthy story is better than 10 noticeably short stories.

The Case for Quality

There are writers who won’t publish anything until they are sure that it is up to standard and qualitative enough to…

Hard truths every writer should know…

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Anyone who thinks writing is easy does not know what truly happens behind the scenes.

The life of a writer may seem blissful, however, no one knows how many road bumps and harsh reality checks are encountered on a daily basis.

Whether as a beginner or an experienced writer, the hard truths about writing are things you have to be prepared for.

If writing is as easy as most people think it is, everyone would be writers!

Writing is a true test of mental strength

Although the list is not exhaustive, here are some…

These guidelines from great writers will help you

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Do you sometimes see great writers and wonder how they became so successful?

For these writers, their success may not only be ascribed to their ability to write, but also to commitment, willingness and dedication towards their craft.

Writers who write every day have daily rituals that work for them. These rituals could range from several unique practices to singular regular habits. For these high achievers, their writing is not tied to any skill or talent, but due to their persistence in the pursuit of greatness.

Here are some timely routines, as…

Even when it feels like no one is reading …

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Whether we admit it or not, we humans always want validation and appreciation.

The mere fact that someone else loves our work and lets us know is enough reason to make us push harder. Feeling that our work is good enough leaves us wanting more recognition to the extent that we never want compliments to stop coming.

However, what happens when the recognition and growth we crave isn’t forthcoming?

Now imagine this: you have toiled for hours, writing from page to page. Editing, adding, subtracting, reforming and trying to get…

Start by writing what people won’t stop reading…

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There are no strict rules on how to be a successful writer on medium, but one thing is constant; your ability to get noticed is largely dependent on how much effort you put into it.

On Medium, the rules of the game work differently. While some people believe that consistently writing everyday is a must, other writers who are not so consistent still make tonnes of money writing here. The “showing up everyday” mantra does not work the same way for all writers.

There are writers who have written for months without…

And what you can do to control it

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Ego is an innate thing that exists within us. Everyone has it.

Having a healthy ego is very important for our self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, your ego becomes a problem when it negatively controls your emotions, thoughts, and reaction.

In Scientific American, Barry Kaufman defines Ego as “that aspect of the self that has the incessant need to be seen in a positive light.”

Truly, ego becomes an unpleasant trait once it climaxes to an exaggerated feeling of self-importance.

Although there is a tendency to confuse ego with confidence, one is slightly different from the other. Unlike confidence, ego operates…

Its victims are yet to get justice

Photo source: Murderpedia

On March 17, 2000 in South West Uganda, over 700 people were locked up inside a worship facility called “The Ark". All doors and windows were nailed and shut so that no one would escape. The building was set on fire and burnt to ashes.

There was no survivor.

The gory details of this unfortunate incident are terrifying.

The deceased were members of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, a cult which predicted that the world would come to an end on the first day of the year 2000.

Further revelation shows that not only…

The Medium Bonus is unbelievable

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I am sure that by now, almost every active writer on medium is aware of the $500 bonus that medium gave to 1000 writers earlier today.

The truth be said, a lot of changes have been happening on medium lately. The latest bonus is one of such changes and it couldn't have come at a better time. I doubt that this has happened before.

I didn't know what to think when I saw the email that I had been given a bonus of $500. My initial assumption was that it was a mistake or a calculation error. Then I hesitated…

Or Both?

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Have you ever silently wondered if it’s your passion for writing that keeps you going or because of the extra remuneration that comes with it?

This is a question which every writer must have pondered at some point in time.

Whether we admit it or not, it is a dilemma which stares us in the face. Intentionally thought or not.

Even if you started writing without thinking about money, it’s one reality that may later confront you.

I love to write, I won’t deny. …

And all other things involved…

A Portrait of Mary Toft; Source:

Back in the 18th century, Mary Toft succeeded in convincing the doctors that she had given birth to rabbits.

Mary had admitted that the strange births started after she chased some rabbits while weeding in a field and had immediately developed a craving for rabbit meat, although she was unable to afford any at the time.

With easy passing day, her desire to eat rabbits got stronger to the point of constantly dreaming about them. According to her, it got so intense that she began to crave rabbit stew, rabbit pie and roasted rabbit.

Surprisingly, Mary was able to convince…

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